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Who we are

Meet our expert team, learn more about our dedicated Data Engineers, and discover how we can assist your business. Whether you need an analytics engineer for detachment or are interested in our customized solutions, Nimbus Intelligence prioritizes growth, knowledge-sharing, and reliable results.

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We’re Nimbus Intelligence. Your innovation partner that can help you exceed your Cloud data goals.

Nimbus Intelligence stands for the power of data. Through the efforts of our certified engineers, we support your company in the journey towards data-driven decision-making. Whether optimizing profit margins, processing patient data, or streamlining supply chains, we provide tailored solutions adapted to your business requirements.

We help you navigate through vast volumes of data, translating it into usable and concrete results. Additionally, we empower you to make confident choices within your area of expertise, regardless of the sector.

Nimbus Intelligence stands for the power of data. Through the efforts of our certified analytics engineers, we support your company in the journey towards data-driven decision-making. Whether optimizing profit margins, processing patient data, or streamlining supply chains, we provide tailored solutions adapted to your business requirements.

We start by sitting down to determine the questions your business needs to answer. We link this to specific goals to form a clear plan for the rest of the process. Within this framework, we organize a customized solution, including the deployment of the right professionals, the use of suitable software, and the desired level of involvement.

We help you navigate through vast volumes of data, translating it into usable and concrete results. Additionally, we empower you to make confident choices within your area of expertise, regardless of the field.

We are committed to delivering top-notch results with a customer-centric approach. Our passion for growth and knowledge-sharing keeps us constantly moving forward. In all our interactions, we act professionally and ethically, with a strong emphasis on transparency. Positivity and availability form the basis of our collaboration, supported by dedication and respect. At Nimbus Intelligence, we embody these values in everything we do, making a difference in the data-driven world.

The Team

Meet our certified data engineers! With their expertise, they provide valuable insights from large-scale datasets. We help you navigate through vast volumes of data, translating it into usable and concrete results. Our engineers are experts in various software, including Snowflake, DBT, and Python, and possess the know-how to create data funnels seamlessly aligned with your company's specific needs.


CEO and Co-Founder

Davide Donna

Co-Founder and CEO of Nimbus Intelligence and Co-CEO of The Information Lab Italy Spain and CEO of Nimbus Intelligence, I bring over 15 years of experience in strategic design and team management. My ability to accurately identify the operational needs of the company and develop solutions aimed at increasing profits, controlling costs, and enhancing customer satisfaction has led me to oversee commercial and marketing coordination for The Information Lab. Organizational leadership, strong motivation, adaptability, and solid management and operational skills are dedicated to serving the company and clients in achieving set objectives. My primary goal is to promote a data-driven culture, the first step in helping companies find the most suitable tech solution for their needs, guiding them through a data-driven transformation process.

CTO and co-founder

Martijn Verstrepen

Martijn is a seasoned Chief Technology Officer with a deep specialization in cloud data stacks, including Fivetran, DBT, Snowflake, and Tableau. With over two decades of experience in the data and IT sectors, he has a proven track record of driving innovation and leveraging cutting-edge technologies to solve complex data challenges. Martijn is passionate about being at the forefront of data innovation, consistently exploring new ways to enhance data integration, processing, and visualization to support decision-making processes. His expertise lies not only in technical acumen but also in his ability to understand customer needs, enabling them to harness the power of their data to improve decision speed and accuracy. Martijn’s leadership and vision in the field of data technology have made him a valuable asset to organizations looking to transform their data capabilities and achieve competitive advantage through insightful, data-driven strategies.

Sales Director and co-founder

Rik van Schaik

As a Chief Revenue Officer, Rik has worked all of his life in data and business development. He started as a Sales Manager for a soft- and hardware vendor. The following years he worked in several roles on CRM implementations, off- and online direct marketing campaigns, and as a database marketeer. In 2006 he started his first company and in 2015 he started The Information Lab Netherlands as co-founder and managing director. Rik loves to share knowledge and exchange ideas with people about data and analytics.

Partner/Consulting Director and Co-Founder

Emanuele Farotti

Consulting Team

Data Engineer

Can Höbek

Thanks to Nimbus Intelligence, he has become skilled in transforming data into actionable insights as an analytics engineer. He excels in developing robust solutions and efficient data pipelines. He approaches challenges with enthusiasm, collaborating closely with team members to deliver impactful solutions. With a commitment to continuous learning and growth, he is poised to make significant contributions in analytics engineering.

Analytics Engineer

Chris Verweij

A seasoned professional in the analytics realm, she transitioned from molecular biology to become an adept analytics engineer. Proficient in Snowflake, dbt, Google Cloud, Alteryx Designer, and Matillion, she excels at distilling meaningful insights from data. With a diverse background encompassing financial management, physics tutoring, and active engagement in local politics, she brings a unique blend of skills and experiences to address multifaceted challenges and deliver innovative solutions.

Analytics Engineer

Darko Monzio Compagnoni

Before becoming an analytics engineer, Darko worked in marketing, communications, customer support, and hospitality. He noticed how each of these fields, in their own way, benefit from decisions backed by data. Which fields don’t, after all?

After spotting this pattern, Darko decided to retrain as a self taught data analyst, to then complete the Nimbus Intelligence Academy program and graduated as an Analytics Engineer obtaining certifications in Snowflake, dbt, and Alteryx.

He’s now equipped to bring his unique perspective to any data driven team.

Analytics Engineer

Dimitris Lampriadis

Meet Dimitris Lampriadis, your Analytics Engineer consultant. Armed with a dynamic skill set encompassing Snowflake, dbt, Alteryx, Python, SQL, and distinctive certifications, Dimitris stands out in the field. His journey from Architecture Engineering and Urban Analytics to information science in Barcelona and Amsterdam has molded him into a formidable consultant.

In his realm, Dimitris thrives on the intricate art of data integration, manipulation, and preparation, demonstrating a prowess that extends beyond technical proficiency. His expertise is not just about meeting the requirements; it’s a passionate pursuit of optimization and creative problem-solving, a testament to his unwavering commitment to delivering solutions that transcend expectations.

Analytics Engineer

Eloi Sanchez Ambros

Eloi, with a strong foundation in Chemistry and a specialization in Physical Chemistry and Computational Quantum Physics, has seamlessly transitioned his expertise into the realm of Data Science.

Currently pursuing a Master’s in Data Science, he demonstrates a keen aptitude for coding, particularly in Python, and is proficient in SQL. Leveraging his experience with Snowflake and Streamlit, Eloi is also skilled in utilizing dbt (data build tool) for efficient data modeling and transformation. His proficiency extends to developing Connectors with the Native Apps Snowflake framework, utilizing Snowflake for the back-end and Streamlit for the front-end.

Alongside his academic pursuits, Eloi remains an avid nature enthusiast and animal lover, with an eclectic array of hobbies such as bouldering, video games, and hiking, reflecting his adventurous spirit and adaptability.

Analytics Engineer

Kris Winnubst

As a dedicated Analytics Engineer with a background in Business Analytics, Kris specialises in leveraging tools like Snowflake, dbt, and Matillion to extract valuable insights from data. With a proven track record in designing robust data models, optimizing pipelines, and demonstrating expertise in both Python and SQL, she brings a unique blend of technical expertise and strong communication skills. Additionally, Kris has contributed to various projects involving data visualization tools, highlighting her commitment to delivering impactful results. Eager to bring her passion for data and diverse skills to enhance analytics capabilities in data-driven organizations.

Analytics Engineer

Luca Balduzzi

Enterprising guy that happens to be very flexible to the environment, thanks to previous working experiences with clients. He has a background in Computer Sciences and he’s also very passionate about data and entrepreneurship.

Data Engineer

Mario Calise

An aspiring person who enjoys developing new solutions to solve tech-related problems. He has strong technical skills in statistics, mathematical methods, data management & modelling. He also possesses good knowledge on programming with different languages and environments.

He joined the Nimbus Intelligence as his professional goal is to work with data and predictive models to support decision-making & process improvement in the industry.

Data Engineer

Niccolò Racioppi

Enthusiastic and team-oriented person. His work experience has led him to have excellent interpersonal skills and versatility. Nimbus Intelligence has enabled him to acquire the technical skills to move with dexterity in the world of data and to think critically and innovatively about the best solutions for the challenges he faces.

Data Engineer

Sofia Pierini

She is a critical thinker inspired by the convergence of logic, probability, and philosophy. With a resilient and versatile nature, her track record attests to competence across interdisciplinary domains. Lately, her focus has shifted to a passion for data, specializing in data engineering, particularly in Snowflake and data cloud solutions.

Analytics Engineer

Guillermo Izquierdo

Guillermo is an enthusiastic individual who thrives on thinking critically and creatively about technical challenges. His foundation in philosophy has equipped him with robust analytical and communication abilities, which have been further enhanced by his transition into data engineering. This blend of skills has made him highly adept at managing data and developing architectural solutions. At Nimbus Intelligence, Guillermo has found the ideal environment to hone his technical skills and pursue his passion for enhancing data-related processes and architectures. His unique background allows him to approach data engineering with a fresh perspective, contributing to innovative solutions that drive the field forward.

Analytics Engineer

Sebastian Wiesner

Meet Sebastian, our Analytics Engineer Trainee at Nimbus Intelligence. Armed with a Master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Information Technology, Sebastian brings a wealth of knowledge to our team. With expertise in Python, SQL and Snowflake, he is dedicated to harnessing data’s power in today’s world. Committed to collaboration and client success, he thrives in our dynamic environment, eager to contribute to our company’s growth. Beyond work, Sebastian enjoys a healthy work-life balance, pursuing his passion for squash since 16 years.

Analytics Engineer

Gerard Perello Martinez

Nimbus Academy provided Gerard Perello Martinez the necessary space to combine his existing knowledge and skills with a suite of powerful tools. He has also developed valuable business skills that enable him to solve complex problems and deliver tangible results. Gerard enjoys providing solutions to modern business challenges and aims to bring knowledge to every team he is part of. This knowledge bridges his understanding of mathematical concepts and Analytics.

Analytical engineer

Jeroen Smits

Jeroen transitioned into the data world after his studies in human movement sciences in Amsterdam. He found his true passion in using his analytical skills to transform data to provide meaningful insights. Being an analytical engineer at nimbus intelligence is the perfect bridge to expand his data skills, focussing on Snowflake, dbt, and Fivetran amongst others. Jeroen can easily adapt to any working environment and is eager to help other companies with his expertise as an analytical engineer.

Analytics Engineer

Jordi Kiesewetter

Introducing Jordi, Analytics Engineer at Nimbus Intelligence. With a passion for BI and data, Jordi boasts a versatile skill set acquired through rigorous training at the Nimbus Academy. Proficient in SQL, Python, Snowflake, dbt, Fivetran, and Airbyte, Jordi brings a wealth of expertise to the table. With a background in IT consultancy working at a mental healthcare institute and foundational studies in Computer Science at HS Leiden, Jordi is primed to deliver impactful data-driven solutions.

Analytics Engineer

Gergana Kaymakanova

Gergana is a business and data enthusiast. With a diverse background spanning Business Psychology, Statistics, Data Engineering, and Visualization, she thrives in complex environments.Gergana excels in providing holistic solutions tailored to meet clients’ objectives, leveraging her expertise to obtain insightful results and make pragmatic decisions. Proactive and detail-oriented, she ensures a thorough understanding of tasks, working closely with clients to optimize outcomes.

Analytical engineer

Oscar Picallo Trillo

Oscar is a deep diving fiend, always looking to expand his already expansive knowledge set. Hailing from a background in Psychology, where he pursued his bachelor’s degree, Oscar expanded his expertise by earning master’s degrees in both Neuroscience and Data Science. At the same time, living in countries like Canada and Sweden allowed him to connect with diverse cultures and perspectives.

Now, armed with additional certifications from the academy in Snowflake and DBT, he is on a mission to harness the power of data in organizations, enabling them to make swift and confident decisions.

In his free time, he loves boxing and keeps learning about tech.

Analytics Engineer

Marco Scatassi

Marco is a data enthusiast armed with a Bachelor’s in Mathematics and a Master’s in Data Science. With research experience in Norway, he brings a blend of statistical expertise and programming skills.

Passionate about crafting data-driven solutions, he found in the Nimbus Academy the perfect environment to enhance his expertise and work in a dynamic environment.

When not diving into data, he’s exploring nature, reading a good book or strumming his guitar.

Analytics Engineer

Feruz Kholov

With a background in finance and accounting, Feruz made a career transition to become a big data expert. Currently, he is a data engineer trainee with strong technical skills in SQL, Snowflake, and other data-related tools. He is deeply passionate about data engineering and technologies that address Big Data challenges. His favorite areas in the field include data modeling, architecture, and building modern data stacks. Feruz is eager to apply his expertise in consultancy, particularly in the energy, finance, and manufacturing sectors, helping companies solve their data problems and become data-driven organizations.

Analytical engineer

Aleksandra Molenda

As a Ph.D. in Physics, Aleksandra brings a unique combination of analytical precision and technical proficiency to each project she is engaged in.

She is experienced in data analysis and programming languages. Her interdisciplinary knowledge in both software and hardware technologies enables her to deeply understand the data systems and to further develop her data-oriented skills as an Analytics Engineer in Nimbus Intelligence.

Analytics Engineer

Marco Pastore

Data lover and innovation advocate, Marco thrives on uncovering efficient solutions for complex challenges. With a foundation in both Business and Statistics, he relishes delving into the fundamental needs of your business and crafting advanced technological solutions that add tangible value to your management strategies.

Marketing team

Marketing Manager

Marzia Lazzaroni

I oversee Marketing & Communication, including organising corporate events, managing Customer Relationship Management activities, and supporting the sales department in creating new business opportunities for the company with the BDR team.
I graduated in Marketing and Corporate Communication. Throughout my professional journey, I have had the opportunity to deepen my understanding of the sector and develop strategies to meet the demands of the tech B2B world.

Marketing Operations Specialist

Clara Carbajo Pérez

Although having graduated from Law and Business Management my analytical skills led me to work in the marketing field managing the marketing technology, creating and optimising workflows while collaborating with cross-functional teams.
Born in Spain and based in Italy, I enjoy doing exercise, travelling and a nice bottle of wine.

Marketing Specialist

Diletta De Nichilo

As a graduate in Communication and Marketing, throughout my professional journey I’ve had the opportunity to develop skills within the realm of digital marketing. Presently, I am engaged in the operational management of marketing strategies and the organization of corporate events. I am continually seeking new challenges that enable me to expand professionally and make a meaningful contribution to the success of the company I am affiliated with.

Marketing Specialist

Sjoerd Klaver

With a background in Digital Media and Data Driven Design I continued in the direction of Online Marketing focussing on the technical aspects of this domain. Living in the Netherlands I enjoy working out, running, cycling and going to music festivals.

Nimbus Academy

Head Coach

Mike Droog

Mike Droog, with a solid background in IT and education, has carved a unique niche for himself as a Snowflake Data Superhero, complete with a cape symbolizing his exceptional expertise in the Snowflake platform. Currently, he serves as the head coach, mentoring and guiding individuals and organizations in harnessing the power of data. Mike’s passion lies in the intersection of technology and learning, using his deep knowledge of data tools and educational principles to foster environments where data literacy thrives. As a Snowflake Data Superhero, he excels in data architecture, strategy, and the cultivation of data-driven cultures. Mike is committed to leveraging his skills in consultancy roles, aiming to empower the education, technology, and business sectors with the tools and insights needed to navigate the complexities of Big Data, ultimately transforming them into data-savvy entities.

Are you interested in

hiring Analytics Engineers?

Analytics Engineer traineeship

In the rapidly growing market for data engineering, the demand for Data Engineers (analytics engineers) continues to rise. At Nimbus Intelligence, we go a step further: we not only offer our services but also provide comprehensive data engineering courses to become a certified data engineer!

In the role assigned to you, the focus is on designing and setting up analytical databases and data pipelines, transforming data into a user-friendly format for data scientists and analysts. This enables them to extract valuable insights essential for the success of their organizations. Want to learn more about our data engineering courses? Read on!

The Program

The data engineer training lasts a total of 2.5 years and begins with an intensive training phase of 3 months. During this initial period, you will receive training at our offices in Amsterdam or Milan, delving into theoretical aspects and performing extensive practical exercises. Additionally, we immerse you in real-world scenarios by tackling various client cases, preparing you for practical applications. After this phase, you will be deployed to various clients, including leading tech companies, financial institutions, internet-scale-ups, supply chain divisions, and healthcare institutions.

Each assignment is expected to last between 3 and 12 months, contributing to a wealth of practical experience by the end of the program.

We welcome a total of 10 participants: 4 will be trained in Amsterdam 1 in Milan and 5 in Madrid.

Who are we looking for?

We are seeking candidates with a strong affinity for data, who are curious and eager to learn!

After the 3-month training, you will work for various clients within the contract, so we are only looking for highly motivated candidates willing to make a long-term commitment with us.

Anyone passionate about data and wanting to start a great career is welcome to apply and be part of the next generation of Data Engineers. You don’t need professional experience with Python or SQL, but we expect you to have ‘played’ with them out of personal interest.

If you apply for this amazing opportunity, keep in mind that you want to continue developing outside regular working hours based on what we teach you during the day.

We are looking for a mix of different backgrounds, cultures, and genders, as we have been doing at The Information Lab for years.

Your profile:

Completed education in – (yet to be filled in)
(e.g., computer science/engineering/statistics/mathematics/data science) and a passion for data.
Fluent in English, both spoken and written

For Amsterdam location:
Fluent in Dutch is required
You are allowed to work in the Netherlands (we do not provide work permits)
You live in the Amsterdam region (or are willing to move there)

For Milan location:
Fluent in Italian is required.
You are allowed to work in Italy (we do not provide work permits)
You live in the Milan region (or are willing to move there)
Spanish required

What do we offer you?

Intensive training 5 days a week (Monday to Friday) for 3 months to train you as a certified data engineer.

The training focuses on: Database structures, Best practices for data engineering, Snowflake, Google Big Query, SQL, CI/CD, ETL/ELT, Python, dbt, Fivetran, Matillion, integration platforms like Tableau and Alteryx.

In addition to technical knowledge, we will also develop your soft skills. Think of communication and presentation techniques, critical thinking, investigative questioning, collaboration, etc.

Consulting work for interesting organizations in the Netherlands and Italy (and maybe beyond).

Full salary, even during the training.

Permanent contract upon successful completion of the training period.

Who are my trainers?

Nimbus Intelligence has experienced experts in Snowflake and Data Warehousing employed to guide you. During your training, but also when you are working on a placement, you will have extensive contact with these certified Snowflake consultants, Snowflake Data Heroes, and other professionals, so you are never alone.

What are the benefits?

Safe working environment: we provide a pleasant work atmosphere and learning environment where everyone can bring out the best in themselves, free from discrimination, harassment, or other illegal actions.

Support through personal guidance: You will be taught in a group of 8 participants, allowing us to give you a lot of attention.

Future: you will work in a field with high demand.Learn and get paid: you will receive a salary from day 1.

Apply for our Analytics Engineers traineeship

By submitting this form, you become part of the application process for this position. Apply only if you are allowed to work in the Netherlands or Italy.

Data scientist staff augmentation

Do you require a proficient analytics engineer to propel your company’s data strategy? Your search concludes with the Nimbus Intelligence Academy, a leading consultancy focused on deploying exceptional analytics engineers across companies of every scale.

Expertise at the forefront

At Nimbus Intelligence, our Analytics Engineers possess expertise in cutting-edge cloud techniques:

Snowflake (certified) dbt (certified) Python (certified) Google Big Query SQL
DataVault 2.0
Alteryx basics
Tableau basics

Our ongoing training program guarantees that our consultants possess a profound grasp of these technologies, enabling them to adeptly construct resilient data pipelines tailored to your precise requirements.

Engage our
Analytics Engineers

Nimbus Intelligence offers the option to engage our Analytics Engineers, expediting access to pertinent data for your business intelligence needs. Our services encompass both remote and on-site collaborations. Presently, we have offices in Amsterdam, Milan and Madrid. Connect with us to explore our accomplished specialists and competitive offerings. Illuminate your path to data-driven excellence with Nimbus Intelligence.