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Nimbus Intelligence exclusively employs the most future-proof and highly secure software. Our focus on the latest developments in data technology enables us to ensure efficiency, speed, and data security. Explore cutting-edge technologies we use on this page.

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Our certified professionals excel in Snowflake, dbt, FiveTran, Matillion, GBQ, Python, and SQL, ready to deliver customized data solutions and services to our clients. Whether you prefer remote collaboration or on-site project execution in Italy, Spain, or the Netherlands, our team is adaptable to your needs. Discover the benefits of a scalable workforce perfectly tailored to your requirements, supported by a minimum commitment of 3 months. Our cost-effective resource model offers fixed pricing based on the skills and experience levels of our dedicated professionals.


Snowflake Data Warehouse is a cloud data platform that allows managing large amounts of data and offers solutions for processing it. By storing data in the cloud, there is no need for extensive computing power.

How does Nimbus Intelligence leverage Snowflake for Data Analysis and Intelligence?

With Nimbus Intelligence, you are assured of seamless integration with Snowflake. This enables efficient storage, processing, and analysis of data, all on one integrated platform. From moving data between different business systems to running complex analyses, Nimbus Intelligence optimizes the capabilities of Snowflake Data Cloud for unparalleled data intelligence.

Benefits of Snowflake

Snowflake offers unparalleled benefits to our clients in terms of scalability, performance, and data warehousing. Compared to traditional systems, Snowflake provides the advantage of pay-as-you-go pricing, enabling significant cost savings. The automated database management in Snowflake reduces the need for active management, while the ability to share data without moving it increases efficiency and ensures security.


Fivetran is the backbone of Nimbus Intelligence’s data integration strategy. We offer seamless connectivity through Fivetran Data Connectors. These connectors streamline data transfer, connect with SaaS providers, and provide direct access to Fivetran data sources in our clients’ databases, ensuring a constant data flow to Snowflake.

How does Nimbus Intelligence leverage Fivetran for Data Analysis and Intelligence?

Nimbus Intelligence optimizes Fivetran for seamless integration, maximizing the efficiency and automation of data transactions. Time and resource savings are achieved through an integrated approach, minimizing manual intervention.

Benefits of Fivetran

Fivetran supports various data sources within the Nimbus Intelligence ecosystem, ranging from structured to semi-structured data. While Fivetran primarily focuses on these data types, we emphasize that Snowflake has the capacity to handle all data types, including those from our own Nimbus Intelligence connectors.

Additionally, Fivetran contributes to maintaining the accuracy and consistency of data across different datasets. Built-in mechanisms address discrepancies or errors. For scalability, Fivetran provides a robust integration infrastructure that grows with Nimbus Intelligence’s data nodes, while our connection to Fivetran data sources smoothly adapts.


DBT Data is an essential part of Nimbus Intelligence’s data integration strategy. We ensure seamless connectivity using DBT Data Connectors, streamlining data transfer and enabling connections to various sources. This provides direct access to DBT Data in our clients’ databases, resulting in a constant data flow to our analytical platforms.

How does Nimbus Intelligence leverage DBT Data for Data Analysis and Intelligence?

Nimbus Intelligence maximizes the use of DBT Data for data transformation and modeling. Our team, fully trained and certified for DBT data engineering, implements this powerful tool for our clients. DBT Data not only structures the data but also promotes efficiency and security within our GIT collaboration.

Benefits of DBT Data:

The benefits of working with DBT Data at Nimbus Intelligence are manifold. This tool supports various data sources within our ecosystem, from structured to semi-structured data. DBT Data not only provides structure but also offers accuracy and consistency. With built-in testing capabilities, it instills confidence in users and optimizes data workflows, resulting in a reliable data pipeline.

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