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Your data, our dedication

Your data, our dedication

We are creating new paradigms where data, information, and insights are at your fingertips.

With the expertise of our data engineers, we work side by side with you to make your data understandable. We install platforms that organize available datasets. Based on your requirements, we can run queries through our software to provide you with concrete and actionable advice.

National postcode lottery

The National Postcode Lottery is one of the biggest charity fundraising companies in the world. To gain funding they gather and analyze a lot of data. Nimbus Intelligence supports them with data engineering in their analytics environment using the best cloud software available in the market.


Telethon Foundation is an Italian non-profit organization that manage and promote fundraising initiatives for research related to microbiology and infectious diseases. Nimbus Intelligence has worked with them in ingesting admin information, research projects band and results to create their repository for data analytics. Structured and unstructured data from multiple datasources all integrated in the Snowflake platform.

Integrate your data with Nimbus Intelligence Connectors


On Snowflake’s Marketplace, our Connectors offer a simple yet powerful data integration solution for your software. Seamlessly connect to an API and easily retrieve data through our apps.

Are you interested in

hiring Analytics Engineers?

Empower your team, elevate your success: Staff Augmentation at its finest!

Nimbus Intelligence offers the option to engage our Analytics Engineers, expediting access to pertinent data for your business intelligence needs. Our services encompass both remote and on-site collaborations. Presently, we have offices in Amsterdam, Milan and Madrid. Connect with us to explore our accomplished specialists and competitive offerings. Illuminate your path to data-driven excellence with Nimbus Intelligence

Become an Analytics Engineer with Nimbus Intelligence


In a world where Data Engineering is constantly evolving, the demand for Analytics Engineers is rapidly rising. With our traineeship program, you’ll not only gain advanced skills but also earn a Data Engineer certification.

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