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Have you ever wondered what is under the snow? What are the snowflakes hiding? Have you ever wanted to investigate a little more to understand better, to see more clearly? Metaphor aside, this blog series is for anyone who wants to investigate, challenge themselves, and develop their Snowflake skills.

Where did this idea come from?

The idea for my blog came after reading ‘Frosty Friday’, a series of weekly challenges released every Friday and created by Snowflake users, for Snowflake users ( Users who participate in the challenges must complete the exercise, publish their code on GitHub and make it publicly available. Then, they post the URL in the challenge comments. There are no technical prerequisites to participate in these challenges. The only thing that matters is solving them.

What is it for?

A lot can be learned from user responses. However, there is no explanation in these. In fact, it is not users’ job to explain why they used a certain strategy or why they used one function or query rather than another. Additionally, each challenge is often related to specific Snowflake topics. These are never presented in detail. For this reason, a more precise explanation of the topic will be given before commenting on the more technical parts.

Who is this blog aimed at?

This blog is for anyone who wants to learn and improve thier Snowflake skills.

  • ‘Beginners’ users can use this blog as a guide, as a path to follow step by step. In this way, they will have not only a broader knowledge of the topics and the strategies to use, but an analytical approach which can will be useful for any type of challenge.
  • ‘Intermediate’/’expert’ users can use this blog in order to deeply investigate topics and make comparisons between the ideas provided here and their ones.

I use this space to thank all those who have made (and will make) available their exercises, their time and those who will help increase this blog. With the hope that this will become a shared space between all Snowflake users and anyone interested in this enterprise-ready cloud data warehouse.