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Author: Dimitris Lampriadis


  • Dimitris Lampriadis

    Dimitris holds a Master's degree as an Urban Technologist - Geospatial Data Analyst from MaCT/UPC in Barcelona. There he discovered a passion for geospatial data analysis and Urban Analytics, but most importantly how data-driven strategies are crucial for making efficient decisions, and how to translate raw data into handy and easy-to-read insights. With his sights set on becoming an Analytics Engineer, Dimitris sought out a company that would help him grow his skills and knowledge. That's when he found Nimbus Intelligence. Nimbus provided the necessary space to combine his existing knowledge and skills, with a suite of powerful tools, like; Snowflake, Tableau, Alteryx, and dbt. He's also managed to develop valuable business skills that enable him to solve complex problems and deliver tangible results. He enjoys giving answers to modern business problems and aims to bring knowledge, to every team he is part of, that binds his understanding of spatial relationships and Analytics Engineering. He is always looking for ways to share his expertise and collaborate with others.