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Strategies to deal with “incoming Missiles”

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If you work on a project you can face unexpected challenges. These unexpected challenges always hit you when you either least expect them or at the most inconvenient time. These challenges, ranging from sudden data anomalies to sensitive information shared publicly, demand strategic responses to ensure project success. At Nimbus Intelligence we experienced such an “incoming missiles” this week, which is why I would like to dive into the topic of how to apply strategies to deal with them. Below you find a list of strategies to help you effectively deal with the “incoming missiles”.

Proactive data monitoring

It helps to establish a proactive data monitoring system. By continuously tracking key performance indicators and data quality metrics, you can detect anomalies or unwanted publicly shared credentials early, providing a crucial warning system for potential threats. A good example of this is the Git push protection or GitGuardian. In short, they notify you about potential secret information being pushed to a remote repository. It blocks the push, so that you can change the secret information before it is too late.

Error Handling

It is important to develop and know comprehensive error handling strategies to navigate around the “incoming missiles”. By anticipating potential points of failure and implementing mechanisms to handle errors gracefully, you can prevent a single error from escalating into a larger problem. For example, this blog informs you how to remove specific lines of code that contain secret information from the GitHub repository history.

Continuous Learning

This may seem obvious, but if you continuously learn you can really stay ahead and prevent the “missiles” from being fired towards you in the first place. And even if there is an “incoming missile” coming at you, you are more likely to find the right solution if you continue to develop your domain expertise. Moreover, continuous learning allows you to stay up-to-date about the industry standards and best practices, which ensures that your solutions align with your compliance requirements.

Collaborative Problem-Solving

Don’t forget that you are almost never alone when it comes down to facing an “incoming missile”. Colleagues might have experienced something similar and have insightful information for you on how to tackle your challenge. For this reason, it is important to foster a culture of collaborative problem-solving within the team that you work with. One important feature for this is documentation, such that any previously experienced challenge and its solutions are readily available! This also stimulates continuous learning as mentioned in the previous paragraph! Even if you are facing this challenge alone, nowadays you can find numerous Q&A platforms such as Stackoverflow that can help you out!


In the analytics engineering industry (or any industry), “incoming missiles” are inevitable. However, by mastering strategic approaches, you can confidently navigate through them. This ensures not only the resilience of your project but also the delivery of accurate and insightful results!


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