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The Nimbus Connector Application on the Snowflake Marketplace provides an easy data integration solution for your Software. The app empowers you to seamlessly connect to a Software API and effortlessly fetch data of your choice. Whether you need a one-time data snapshot or wish to schedule periodic data updates.

The application has the following key features:

  • Connect multiple accounts per Software simultaneously, while your existing connections will remain intact.
  • Flexible Endpoint Selection: Choose from a variety of endpoints to access the specific data you need.
  • Data Retrieval Options: Fetch data instantly or set up scheduled refreshes for real-time insights.
  • Custom Database and Schema: Select the Snowflake database and schema where your data will reside, ensuring complete control over your data storage.

Available Connectors

ConnectorAvailable Update Options
HubSpotFull refresh & incremental
PersonioFull refresh & incremental
FreeAgentFull refresh only
CapsuleCRMFull refresh & incremental
Active CampaignFull refresh & incremental
FreshdeskFull refresh & incremental
MailchimpFull refresh only
Updated 16. November 2023

Available Endpoints per Connector

ConnectorAvailable endpoints
HubSpotContacts, Companies, Deals, Products, Emails, Tickets, Quotes, Taxes, Calls, Communications, Meetings, Notes, Postal Mail, Tasks
PersonioEmployees, Time-Off Types, Employees Attributes, Attendances Projects, Attendances, Time-Offs, Absence Periods
FreeAgentBalance Sheet, Bank Accounts, Bills, Capital Asset Types, Capital Assets, Categories, Contacts, Credit Note Reconciliations, Credit Notes, Estimates, Expenses, Invoices, Journal Sets, Price Save Items, Profit and Loss Summary, Projects, Properties, Recurring Invoices, Sales Tax Periods, Stock Items, Tasks, Timeslips, Transactions, Trial Balance Summary, Users
CapsuleCRMEntries, Parties, Opportunities, Cases, Tasks, Users, Teams, Milestones, Pipelines, Lostreasons, Boards, Stages, Resthooks, Categories, Activity Types, Countries, Currencies
Active CampaignAccounts, Account Contacts, Account Custom Field Meta, Account Custom Field Data, Addresses, Automations, Brandings, Calendars, Campaigns, Messages, Contacts, Notes, Fields, FieldValues, Email Activities, Custom Object Schemas, Deals, Deal Activities, Deal Groups, Deal Stages, Custom Deal Fields, Custom Deal Values, Secondary Contacts, Deal Roles, Connections, E-commmerce Customers, E-commerce Orders, E-commerce Order Products, Forms, Lists, Saved Responses, Scores, Segments, Tags, Deal Tasks, Task Outcomes, Deal Taskypes, Users, Groups, Group Limits, Webhooks
FreshdeskContacts, Agents, Skills, Roles, Groups, Companies, Discussion Categories, Solution Categories, Surveys, Survey Satisfaction Ratings, Time Entries, Mailboxes, Products, Business Hours, Tickets
MailchimpAccount Exports, Authorized Apps, Automations, Batches, Batch Webhooks, Campaign Folders, Campaigns, Chimp Chatter, Connected Sites, E-commerce Stores, Facebook Ads, File Manager Files, Landing Pages, Lists/Audiences, Reporting – Facebook Ads, Reporting – Landing Pages, Reporting – Surveys, Reports, Template Folders, Templates, Verified Domains
Updated 16. November 2023

Connect Multiple Accounts Simultaneously

The Nimbus Connector Application allows you to connect multiple accounts of your Software simultaneously. This means that you can integrate data from different instances or sources within your Software without disrupting your existing connections. This feature is especially valuable when you need to consolidate data from various sources into Snowflake.

Flexible Endpoint Selection

With the Nimbus Connector, you have the flexibility to choose from a variety of endpoints to access the specific data you need from your Software’s API. This means you can fine-tune your data integration process by selecting the most relevant and granular endpoints, ensuring that you only retrieve the data that matters to your analytics and reporting.

Data Retrieval Options

The application offers two data retrieval options to cater to your needs:

  • Instant Data Fetch: You can fetch data instantly when you need it. This is useful for ad-hoc queries or when you require the latest data on-demand.
  • Scheduled Refreshes: For real-time insights and automation, you can set up scheduled data refreshes. This ensures that your Snowflake database is regularly updated with the most current data from your Software, allowing you to make data-driven decisions without manual intervention.

Custom Database and Schema Selection

When integrating data into Snowflake using the Nimbus Connector, you have the freedom to select the Snowflake database and schema where your data will reside. This level of customization ensures that you have complete control over your data storage within Snowflake. You can organize data in a way that aligns with your data governance and access control policies.

These features collectively make the Nimbus Connector Application an indispensable tool for data engineers and tech professionals, providing seamless integration between your Software’s API and Snowflake, all while offering control, flexibility, and automation in your data workflows.

The application comes with extensive instructions for an easy setup and first time use. To install and use the application make sure to follow the described steps in the application itself.

User Manual

In the following video we provide a user guide for installing, setting up, configuring and adding a new connection through the HubSpot connector. Also, fetching data from all the available endpoints and scheduling a task for automating the process of retrieving data. All connectors have the same workflow.

Data Governance

At no point, any of your account’s specific data is being accessed. Moreover, the data that the connector fetches from the API’s endpoint does never leave your account, and it is in no way accessible or readable by us.

To make sure the user keeps control over his data, the app provides extensive logs which keeps track off each step the app executes.

All the required objects for the functioning of the app will be saved in a newly created database. The procedures, functions and tables stored there are used by the app to display the results in the Streamlit application and save the fetched data in the user’s account, in a database and a schema that the user will indicate to the application.


User interface for a example connector to WordPress

Current limitations

Updated November 2023

  • If you want to add data into an existing database, the correct privileges need to be granted to the app.
  • At the moment it is only possible to set one task for each connection.


This software is provided “AS IS”, without any warranties or guarantees. The authors or copyright holders are not liable for any damages or claims related to its use. By using this software, you agree to these terms.

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