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Cloud consulting goes beyond merely providing guidance on the best strategy for your business; it focuses on achieving the most efficient methods to optimise costs, boost productivity, and enhance internal processes. The most effective solutions are always those that are custom-tailored and implemented for each company. 

Therefore, cloud consulting is the beginning of a journey. Like any journey aimed at achieving significant and, above all, lasting goals, it must begin on the right foot by relying on expert consultants. They can share success stories and possess a precise understanding of the initial needs, defining clear objectives to drive tangible evolution within the company. 

What does cloud consulting offer?

Cloud consulting is a service provided by industry experts to help organisations and enterprises navigate the complexities of the cloud. It aims to identify the optimal solutions that meet your expectations and align with your existing architecture. 

Cloud consultants work closely with customers to understand their specific needs, identify opportunities for optimisation and define the best strategy for migrating and managing cloud resources.  

It involves understanding the solution that addresses the initial question: How can I harness the potential of the cloud to improve a specific activity or process across the organisation? 

The 5 advantages of cloud consulting

Relying on a cloud consultancy has many benefits across industries. First and foremost, it provides organisations and enterprises with a multi-layered and multi-disciplinary support path.  

1. Better assessing the needs

The first step for cloud consultants is to analyse the business’s unique needs and current situation. This includes assessing the existing IT infrastructure, identifying workloads for migration, and defining business objectives. 

2. Identify the most suitable migration strategy  

Based on the initial assessment, consultants develop a tailored migration strategy. This includes selecting the most suitable cloud platform for the company’s needs, defining transition steps, and identifying priority applications for migration.  

3. Optimise costs

One of the primary goals of cloud consulting is to reduce IT costs. Consultants analyse usage patterns to identify savings opportunities through optimised allocation of cloud resources and waste elimination. Additionally, outsourcing your cloud infrastructure eliminates maintenance costs, including expenses for hardware, upgrades, and governance. 

4. Security and compliance

Security is critical, and cloud consulting also serves this purpose. Consultants ensure that all security measures are implemented correctly, with strict access and privacy policies and industry-specific compliance regulations are met.  

5. Continuous support

Finally, cloud consulting doesn’t end with the initial migration. Consultants provide ongoing support to optimise and manage the cloud environment over time, keeping applications and data secure and aligned with business objectives.  

Find the right formula for your business

Every business has unique needs, so there is no one-size-fits-all approach to cloud consulting. On the contrary, the best approach is tailored to the specifics of the business reality to find the right solution.

The right formula, therefore, depends on several elements, including company size, industry, security and compliance requirements, and business objectives. 

To find the right formula for your business, it is a good idea to:  

  • identify the specific needs of your business and the problems you want to solve;
  • rely on cloud consultants with experience in your industry;
  • engage experienced cloud consultants within your sector
  • define a clear strategy, with gradual objectives and an agreed SLA;
  • maintain an ongoing partnership with consultants facilitates the consistent optimisation of cloud resources, ensuring their alignment with evolving business needs by leveraging the scalability of the cloud platform.

Cloud consulting is the starting point of the journey

Cloud consulting is a strategic investment for any business that aims to take full advantage of cloud computing.  

Finding the right formula requires a thorough understanding of business needs and collaboration with reliable industry experts. With the right cloud consulting, organisations and enterprises can achieve successful digital transformation, gaining a competitive edge in today’s market. 


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