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As we have discussed in previous posts, Snowflake is a data-cloud platform that provides professionals with a variety of tools to work with data. One of its features is the Data Marketplace. We will explore what it is, how and why to use it, and how it can add value to businesses.

The Snowflake Marketplace is where you can explore, access, and provide listings to consumers.

Snowflake distills a powerful SQL support into a unified, easy-to-use experience through Snowsight. With Snowsight, you can perform critical Snowflake operations. Such as building and running queries, monitoring query performance, creating and managing users and other account-level objects, creating and using virtual warehouses, creating and modifying databases, sharing data with other Snowflake accounts, exploring listings, and sharing data publicly on the Snowflake Marketplace.

Snowflake’s Data Marketplace, what is it?

The Snowflake Marketplace provides a platform where data providers can sell their data to interested parties. This allows for data monetization on a scale never before seen.

Snowflake’s Data Marketplace is a game-changer for data monetization, enabling organizations to share and monetize their data assets.

The Data Marketplace is built on top of Snowflake’s cloud-based data warehousing platform. Its architecture design allows for handling large volumes of data with ease. It is a secure and compliant platform that enables companies to share and sell their data without worrying about security or data privacy.

How does it work?

The Data Marketplace is a self-service platform that allows data providers to list their data assets for sale. These data assets can range from public data sets to proprietary data sets that are unique to the provider. Once a data asset is listed, interested parties can search for and purchase the data using Snowflake’s SQL interface.

Snowflake’s SQL interface makes it easy for data consumers to search for and purchase the data they need. Consumers can use SQL to query the marketplace for specific data sets. Or use Snowflake’s search functionality to browse available data sets. Lastly, using Snowflake’s billing system a consumer can purchase a dataset that identifies.

What are the benefits?

The ease of data monetization is one of the biggest benefits of Snowflake’s Data Marketplace. By listing data assets on the marketplace, companies can tap into a vast network of potential customers who are looking for data to inform their decision-making. This allows companies to generate revenue from their data assets, turning them into valuable sources of income.

Another benefit of Snowflake’s Data Marketplace is the security and compliance features that are built into the platform. Data providers can be sure that their data is protected and that they are complying with all relevant data privacy regulations. Consumers can be confident that they are purchasing high-quality data that has been vetted and approved by Snowflake.

Finally, Snowflake’s Data Marketplace is a game-changer for data analytics. By providing a centralized platform for data monetization, Snowflake is making it easier for businesses to find the data they need to inform their decision-making. This can lead to better insights and more informed decisions, which can ultimately drive business growth and success.

Some case studies

There is a variety of examples and case studies of businesses that either monetized their data assets or bought data assets on Snowflake’s Marketplace.

SafeGraph is one of them. It is a location data provider that offers insights into foot traffic patterns. They have partnered with Snowflake to list their data assets on the Data Marketplace. By listing its data on the marketplace, SafeGraph has been able to reach more customers and increase the value of its data assets.

Another example of data monetization through Snowflake’s Data Marketplace is Cognizant. It is a global professional services firm that offers consulting, technology, and outsourcing services. They have used Snowflake’s Data Marketplace to access data for their clients. By using the marketplace, Cognizant has been able to find high-quality data quickly and easily, which has helped them to deliver better insights to their clients.


In conclusion, Snowflake’s Data Marketplace is a groundbreaking platform that is changing the game when it comes to data monetization. With Snowflake’s SQL support and Snowsight’s unified experience, professionals can easily perform critical Snowflake operations. By providing a secure, compliant, and user-friendly platform for data providers and consumers, Snowflake is making it easier than ever for businesses to turn their data assets into a valuable source of revenue. If you’re a business looking to monetize your data assets or a data consumer looking for high-quality data, Snowflake’s Data Marketplace is definitely worth checking out.