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Author: Eloi Sanchez


  • Eloi Sanchez

    Eloi studied Chemistry at the University of Barcelona, but rapidly leaned on the mathematical and physical part of the field, called Physical Chemistry. Later on, he studied a Master's in Atomistic and Multiscale Computational Modelling, were he focused on Computational Quantum Physics. During the last years, he is been mostly interested in the Data field and is currently studying a Master's in Data Science. He likes to spend its time in nature and he is an animal lover. There are no specific hobbies that define him because he is usually always trying new things, although bouldering, playing chess and videogames and hiking are recurrent in his daily life. When looking for new opportunities in the Data job market, he found the Nimbus Intelligence Academy. It is the perfect step for him in order to formalize the switch from academy to the private sector, and it is an incredible opportunity for professional and personal growth.